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The future of food
is a data story.
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No real-time data on the world's 570m small farmers.

Small farmers around the world lose

$300 Billion

in crop value every year through intermediaries and inefficient

farm-to-market systems.


Intermediaries take advantage of farmers, forcing them to sell at any price. That's why Agromovil is so great - it gives that power back to farmers. I will recommend the app to every farmer I know."

Braidon Castro, producer of orange, tangerine, and avocado

Agromovil allows us as buyers to identify raw materials we need for production. This is excellent: farmers can make more money selling their harvest and processors, like us, can find the goods they need at a reasonable price."

Pedro Caicedo, Fedeveleños Board of Directors

Agromovil enables companies like Shell to source products, manage risk, and see the entire value chain, helping them to work with diverse farmer groups and track their social impact – simply and in real time. For any large corporation or buyer that wants to create a sustainable ag supply chain, Agromovil is a game changer!

Kurt Morais, Ex-Advisor to World Bank & Shell South Africa

The Global Source for big data on small ag
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