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The Agromovil Story

Agromovil was born out of a conversation.   


I was in Nigeria for work, outside Abuja.  A group of smallholder farmers was sitting by the side of the road waiting for buyers in the hot sun with big bags of produce.  And as they waited, we sat down to talk.   


We talked about the challenges of farming, the crops they lost because they couldn’t get goods to market, the difficulty they faced finding buyers.  We also talked about the challenges buyers faced in finding them and goods they produced.  To processors, supermarkets, exporters, co-ops, donors these farmers and their production were invisible…  


The farmers then showed me their new cellphones and shared their hopes about the future of farming for their children.  They wanted to connect…  


And in that moment the idea for Agromovil was born.  With the changes in access to technology and connectivity – and with the right products, of course – we could create true, hyper-scalable visibility, unlocking hundreds of billions of dollars each year in value for buyers and small-scale producers.  



Since that day more than five years ago we have created and expanded an amazing data company.   

Working in Colombia, Tanzania and Ghana in 3 languages with nearly 200 products from sorghum to avocados, dried fish to sugar cane.  Partnering with USDA, USAID, Guinness, Toyota, large co-ops and governments.  Winning awards, and building a world-class team of technologists, ag experts and business types like me.  Thousands of users and millions in goods posted for sale on our robust app + messaging + analytics platform that farmers and aggregators love and businesses need.   


​We are in a true historical moment, where producers everywhere can have the ability to “raise their hands” and be seen.  At Agromovil we’re committed to unlocking the value in this moment – building a data conversation that puts more food, more sustainably, on the tables of a hungry world.   

- Andrew Mack   
CEO/Founder of Agromovil


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