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Successful Field Training on Agromovil Links Farmers, Aggregators and Guinness Ghana

Leveraging Data to Help Improve Trade and Agricultural Value Chains

Joint team from Agromovil, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and US Department of Agriculture work with Ghanaian farmers to increase sorghum production and sales to Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC.

Accra, October 25, 2022 – Agromovil, KNUST, USDA, and Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC last week completed successful meetings and trainings as part of the broad field launch of Agromovil technology in Ghana. The work helps foster trade and improve Guinness Ghana’s ability to work with small-scale farmers and aggregators in the north of the country through the implementation of Agromovil technology.

The collaborative program is giving greater visibility to small-scale farmers who post products for sale through the Agromovil platform, providing Guinness Ghana and their network with real-time data on farmer production and product availability so they can better plan purchases, manage risk, reduce waste and track impact on key producer groups like young farmers and women.

Agromovil’s CEO Andrew Mack and Field Operations Manager Grace Tellez, together with USDA Agricultural Development Advisor Harold Tarver and a KNUST team led by Professor Paul Sarfo-Mensah, met in Accra with Government of Ghana, Private Sector and NGO leaders. The team also held trainings in Larabanga and Tamale with aggregator groups from northern Ghana that supply Guinness Ghana with sorghum.

“It was exciting to see farmers and aggregators training each other on Agromovil. You could really feel the excitement in the room,” said Mack. ”Getting farmers on the data map is the future – and it’s happening now in Ghana.”

Stephen Ghansah, (Agribusiness Development Manager); and Maurinus Kongwieh (Procurement Specialist- Agribusiness) at Guinness Ghana, participated in the meeting.. “The implementation of Agromovil has our full support,” said Ghansah. “It brings us closer to our farmer community and helps us buy more from Ghana’s farmers.”

“The platform is simple to use and farmers and aggregators got it right away,” said USDA’s Tarver. “We are fortunate to have Agromovil as partners. This technology, this platform can be a game changer for small-scale agriculture.”

About Agromovil

Agromovil is a global data company that connects farmers with markets. Working in Ghana, Tanzania and Colombia (so far), Agromovil is improving agriculture by leveraging data from farmers to help buyers and co-ops, source goods, manage risk, reduce waste and track impact. For the Agromovil story, see

About KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology)

KNUST is one of the leading science and technology universities in West Africa and has a thriving College of Agriculture & Natural Resources. KNUST offers tertiary education, training, and research in agriculture and rural and entrepreneurial development. For more information, see

About Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC

Guinness Ghana is the leading total beverage business in the country and has a long history of promoting sustainable agriculture and sourcing local raw materials. Guinness Ghana is committed to helping local individuals, businesses, and communities thrive. For more information, see


The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) links U.S. agriculture to the world to enhance export opportunities and global food security. FAS leads USDA’s efforts to help developing countries improve their agricultural systems and build their trade capacity. This helps countries be more food secure and resilient. For more information, see

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