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"Strengthening Food Supply Chains" with the Ayadee Foundation

On May 22nd, Agromovil Founder, Andrew Mack, was a keynote speaker at an international hackathon on "Strengthening Food Supply Chains." He spoke about Agromovil, the challenges small farmers face around the world, and the role tech can play in improving the current inefficient farm-to-market system. The event, organized by Ayadee Foundation CEO, Peter Johnson, pulled together an international team of experts and had hundreds of Zoomed-in attendees from around the world.

The hackathon acted as an intersection for people from every part of the food industry. As agricultural supply chain issues grow more evident and grave during the pandemic, the need for agricultural innovation and collaboration grows too. The food industry is resilient, however. To move forward in this difficult time, we need to create a new “normal” by returning to the beginning of the food supply chain. That means investing in and directly supporting the farmer.

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