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New Team Members

In June, Agromovil welcomed three new members, three interns to support and promote Agromovil as it grows.

Maggie, a recent Miami of Ohio grad, worked at the farmers’ market in Oxford, Ohio. While at Miami, she competed in and won second place at the Social Innovation Weekend competition for food insecurity at Miami. With her background in public health policy and administration and global health studies, she is excited to contribute to the Agromovil team.

Parker is studying food sustainability, English, and Spanish at Amherst College. She seeks opportunities to work directly with food systems whenever she can, whether it be working on farms and in kitchens, or fighting for food justice with local organizations.

Madison, a recent Miami of Ohio grad, studied marketing, global health, and film. Already, she has been able to apply all three fields of study to her work with Agromovil. She was drawn to Agromovil for the impact it can have on food insecurity, a global health issue, by disrupting the current supply chain with such a simple, accessible solution.

Together, and in collaboration with the rest of the Agromovil team, our interns create visibility and grow our roots in the US and the grant community. Their distinct backgrounds help to support Agromovil’s mission: improving the global food system.

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