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Major Avocado Co-op Links Farmers with Global Markets through Agromovil

January 13, 2023 – Andrew Mack, CEO of Agromovil addressed the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Njombe Southern Highlands Development Association, a 6,000-member avocado co-op. Speaking remotely to an audience of over 680 NSHDA members and partners, Mack congratulated producers on their successes using Agromovil and encouraged them to expand their use of the platform.

“You are showing the world that small farmers in Tanzania can use technology to be seen by global markets and get better prices,” Mack stated.

NSHDA Director Frank Msigwa who led the meeting was just back from a successful trip to India where he secured large orders for Tanzanian avocados. He noted the challenges organizations groups like NSHDA faced in the past as they tried to identify supply and negotiate good prices and told the audience how NSHDA’s work with Agromovil helped cement agreements with new buyers.

“We are growing our co-op and we have worked hard to identify new international buyers with better prices than ever. But NSHDA’s growth will only happen if we can find supply and get products to market when they are at their freshest. That is why we need Agromovil – to see when and where our avocados are ready for pick up, to make sure we can fill every container,” said Msigwa.

Working with Agromovil gives co-ops insight into their farmers and the ability to serve them better by forecasting supply and providing information – like growing tips and demand alerts through Agromovil Messaging.

“More data means NSHDA will be able to grow our relationships with new buyers,” Msigwa said. “We can create more confidence for both our farmers and our end buyers in other countries. Getting our farmers to join the digital revolution is crucial to our success…”

Mack and the Agromovil team first spoke in person to a group of some 500 farmers in July 2022. “We were so impressed then by their enthusiasm and their commitment to embracing technology”, said Mack. “They are pioneers, and they are taking action through Agromovil. It's good business and it's inspiring.”

About Agromovil

Agromovil is a global data company that connects farmers with markets. Working in Ghana, Tanzania, and Colombia (so far), Agromovil is improving agriculture by leveraging data from farmers to help buyers and co-ops, source goods, manage risk, reduce waste and track impact. For the Agromovil story, see


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