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Empowering Women Farmers in Tanzania: Fatuma's Story with Agromovil and TAHA

Meet Fatuma Sanga, a 23-year-old student from Sokoine University of Agriculture, pursuing a BSC in Horticulture. Eager to gain practical skills and experience in the field, she interned with the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) and Agromovil.

As an agricultural college student, Fatuma firmly believes that technology plays a pivotal role in supporting farmers in Tanzania, particularly young women farmers, as they strive to make a living in the agricultural space. This is why she is excited about Agromovil, a cutting-edge technology platform in partnership with TAHA, the country's foremost horticulture group. For Fatuma, the decision to join the team was obvious, as it offered an opportunity to acquire skills related to her career in horticulture.

In many parts of Africa, cultural norms and gender biases can hinder women farmers' access to resources and opportunities on par with their male counterparts. However, Fatuma recognizes how Agromovil is leveling the playing field for women farmers in Tanzania. The platform provides a simple and accessible platform that is open to all farmers, regardless of gender, and connects women farmers directly to buyers, thereby providing visibility and market access.

Moreover, data on small farmer production, particularly women's production, is limited, which restricts market access and credit opportunities for women who contribute nearly half of all global smallholder production according to FAO. Through her internship with TAHA and Agromovil, Fatuma has witnessed firsthand how the platform is empowering women farmers in Tanzania to take control of their businesses and improve their livelihoods. By connecting farmers directly with buyers and providing data to support larger supply chains in working with smaller producers, Agromovil is offering visibility and opportunity to farmers who have long been invisible to markets.

"It's been incredible to witness the farmers we've trained," says Fatuma. "They feel empowered and excited to use the platform. They understand the importance of visibility for their success, and recognize that data is the future. They want to be part of the future of farming in Tanzania."

As Fatuma continues her studies and prepares to enter the workforce, she is thrilled about the possibilities that technologies like Agromovil can offer. With a woman President and woman Ambassador to the US both focused on the future of women in the agricultural sector, Fatuma is optimistic that new opportunities to build the sector are just beginning for young women in Tanzania's agricultural space.


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