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Agromovil's Andrew Mack Named Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center

Press Release

Agromovil’s Andrew Mack Named Non-Resident Senior Fellow of

the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center

Mack to collaborate on issues of technology adoption and emerging markets

with a focus on agriculture and food supply chains.

Washington, D.C., August 6, 2020 – Andrew Mack, CEO of Agromovil, has been appointed Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center.

The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center encourages global tech collaborations, evaluates good tech choices as well as measurable policy alternatives, and educates world leaders and the public on issues related to global tech competition.

An experienced technology and emerging markets expert with experience in more than 80 countries, Mack is the founder of Agromovil, an award-winning app platform linking farmers, transporters and purchasers to dramatically improve the efficiency and profitability of small-scale agriculture. The company has won support from Toyota Mobility Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, World Bank, Ernst and Young and others and is currently expanding across Colombia, with plans to expand into Africa and the US later in 2020.

A former World Bank official and banker, Mack is also owner of AMGlobal Consulting, a boutique Washington, DC consulting practice internationally-recognized for nearly two decades of work on Corporate Social Responsibility, public-private partnership, and entrepreneurship.

As part of his work with the Atlantic Council, Mack will work with other distinguished GeoTech Center Fellows to promote new technologies that leverage data to empower people, increase prosperity, and secure peace. His work is expected to focus in four key areas:

1. Exploring ways to build visibility in global agricultural markets

2. Expanding the use of distributed technologies for market efficiency

3. Deepening understanding of global food supply chains

4. Promoting partnerships to speed the adoption of new technology

“The future of the global small farming sector is a global and local human issue. Small agriculture is the world’s largest employer, touching health, climate, migration, as crucial issues, especially in the time of COVID-19, when supply chains are under strain,” said GeoTech Center Director, Dr. David Bray. “Andrew brings wide knowledge of the sector, and deep experience with partnerships and development issues. I am looking forward to adding his creative thought leadership to our efforts at the GeoTech Center, as we use data, expertise and technology to solve global and local challenges.”

About Agromovil

Agromovil is a global Match-Batch-Pay platform that helps small farmers connect with new buyers, sell direct, and find optimized transport. The app-based platform that makes small-scale agriculture faster, smarter, and more profitable globally. For more information, a video and more on the Agromovil story, see

About The Atlantic Council

Founded in 1961, The Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization that promotes constructive leadership and engagement to tackle global challenges. Through thought-provoking papers and discussions, idea generation, and leadership development, the Atlantic Council shapes strategies and policy decisions to create a more secure, free, and prosperous world.

About the GeoTech Center

The newest start-up at the Atlantic Council is the GeoTech Center, which champions positive paths forward that nations, economies, and societies can pursue to ensure new technologies and data empower people, increase prosperity, and secure peace. Without reservation, these common principles represent the bedrock of the work the Atlantic Council does around the world. Equally important, new technologies and data should advance these principles globally. @ACGeoTech

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