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Agromovil Recognized as a Recommended Tool for Co-ops

Agromovil has been recognized as a “recommended tool” for farming cooperatives by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

The 125 year old Alliance represents and serves more than 1 billion cooperative members through the 3 million co-ops worldwide, including most of the world’s important agricultural producer cooperatives.

“The inclusion of Agromovil is a milestone in reaching a wide audience”, said Agromovil Founder Andrew Mack. “Cooperatives will be key to our growth, and we’re proud to have one of Colombia’s Cooperative leaders -- Financiera Comultrasan -- as one of our key partners.”

Work between Financiera Comultrasan and Agromovil began in 2019, in Santander, Colombia and is now expanding country wide. With support from senior leadership through to field facilitators – Agromovil held extensive meetings with Financiera Comultrasan members to design an interface and approach that would be easy for Farmers, Transporters and Buyers to use.

“We love the vision of Agromovil,” says Jaime Chavez Suarez, Financiera Comultrasan’s President. “We love that they are trying to make our members more profitable, to put more money in the pocket of the small farmer. Many of the people Agromovil wants to serve, they are our people.”

But there is also a financial angle for Financiera Comultrasan, since much of the actual client interaction with members – and the qualification of potential new members – often happens in the field. “In collaboration with Agromovil,” says VP for Technology and Operations Jorge Carvajal Navas, “we can help our 180 field agents to be more productive, letting them see who is arranging regular transactions on the platform, who is growing, helping us know our customers (or potential customers) much better. And in the COVID era, the ability to do some this remotely helps us protect our members and employees.”

If you are part of a co-op, and are interested in learning more about how Agromovil can help your organization, please visit our website or download our app.

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