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Agromovil Promotes Small Business Success in Midst of the Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, farmers from every corner of the globe have struggled to sell their goods - and buyers have struggled to find the goods that they need. The strain on the agriculture industry has been taxing, especially since the existing farm-to-market system relies on face-to-face interactions that were impossible during lockdowns. These supply-chain constraints, like so many brought to light by the effects of COVID-19, highlight a major issue hindering the success of small agriculture globally: the lack of an accessible, direct, and efficient channel between producers and buyers.

Enter Agromovil - an app-based platform that functions as an arranger, not an intermediary - enabling small farmers to quickly post their goods for sale, directly negotiate offers with buyers, and complete deals from their phones - anywhere and at any time. This approach opens an otherwise stagnant farm-to-market process and increases market visibility for everyone in the ecosystem: supporting small farmers, transporters, buyers, co-ops, associations, exporters, processors, governments, financial institutions, and more.

Magaly N., a cacao buyer from Carmen de Chucuri, Colombia can attest to the value Agromovil provides. She shared, “I originally discovered Agromovil through its partner, Financiera Comultrasan, when I was working for a cacao trading company. Several months later, when I moved on to run my own cacao buying operation, the app became an integral part of my ability to start a business during the pandemic.”

The Agromovil platform connected Magaly with two cacao farmers before her operations were even formalized, enabling her to plan for simple and efficient transactions as her business grew. Magaly enjoys how she can look forward to future supply on the app. She described, “I now have access to an inventory of all the products I’m interested in, in one place. I can also reference posts from farmers about their expected future production to plan my purchases.”

By leveraging technology to remove the need for face-to-face deals and intermediation, Agromovil accelerates the farm-to-market process - a welcome improvement in light of the barriers brought on by the pandemic. This Agtech is not just beneficial for farmers, but is also pivotal for the entire agricultural supply chain, empowering individuals and organizations with the resources they need to connect and succeed. Magaly embraces Agromovil’s approach, sharing that she fully supports the digitalization of small farmers, as it will increase opportunity and access for all.

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