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Agromovil Chosen to Participate in “The Field at One Click” Program

Press Release

Agromovil Chosen to Participate in “The Field at One Click” Program with Colombia’s Ministry of Agriculture

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, although worldwide use of technological platforms is common, they are still taking root in the Colombian agricultural sector. This type of electronic commerce has begun to strengthen, due in part to initiatives led by entrepreneurs through virtual platforms that work like marketplaces.

The Ministry has developed and targeted strategies to boost the Colombian agricultural sector. It has designed a program with a virtual tool to publish and sell crops. In total, 1,476 small and medium farmer’s organizations, and 338 commercial partners participated in this program.

These figures demonstrated to the Ministry the usefulness of having a space on the Internet for the exchange of agricultural goods. Consequently, the Ministry launched a JOINT WORK COMMITMENT program, known as “The Field at One Click,” to promote the use of electronic platforms for the sale of perishable foods whose demand has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are pleased to announce that Agromovil was selected as one of the 12 platforms adopted by the Ministry for official promotion through the end of 2020.

Agromovil is currently expanding throughout Colombia, following successful piloting earlier this year in Santander, where over 600 users are already on our platform. “We’re honored to have the chance to work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,” said Agromovil CEO, Andrew Mack, “and excited to work with the Ministry – and our partners Financiera Comultrasan and Asesoftware – to reach even more farmers and buyers as part of our goal to make small-scale agriculture more efficient and profitable for farmers everywhere.”

About the Agreement

Agromovil and the Ministry will direct their efforts towards granting small and medium agricultural producers, who are affected by seasonal oversupply, the opportunity to find safer buyers for their products in order to shorten the chain of intermediation and bring them closer to final markets, thus allowing for greater profitability. For more information, see

About Agromovil

Agromovil is a global Match-Batch-Pay platform that helps small and medium farmers connect with new buyers, facilitating direct negotiation without intermediation. With Agromovil, small farmers can easily publish, negotiate, and receive payments for their current and future crops, through their phones.The app-based platform makes small-scale agriculture faster, smarter, and more profitable globally. For more information, a video, and the Agromovil story, see

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