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Comultrasan and Universidad de los Andes Partnering to help Agromovil with Field Visits + Piloting

Following on excellent field visits in November, Comultrasan agreed to continue their support of Agromovil. The Credit Union brings outstanding knowledge of different parts of the agricultural community, as well as deep connection to their members. Comultrasan also agrees to continue supporting Agromovil during field visits with their members in the Santander region (including Bucaramanga, Lebrija and surrounding communities.) Additionally, Agromovil begins work with Professor Andres Medaglia of Universidad de los Andes. Medaglia is one of the region’s foremost algorithm experts from what has been called the Stanford of Latin America, bringing wide knowledge of route optimization, deep knowledge of algorithms and app design, and access to talented young local team members + interns.

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