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Testing Agromovil in the Field!

From February 1-10, the Agromovil Team, along with the Toyota Mobility Foundation’s Dr. William Chernicoff, headed to Colombia to demo the app's core functionalities to producers, transporters, processors/exporters, banks, government, and associations/cooperatives. The feedback was amazing! The Team verified that the app enabled solution solves real transport and logistic problems that prevent crops from getting to market. AMGlobal and Toyota Mobility Foundation are looking to pilot Agromovil in Colombia and develop secondary functionalities.

The project has received the "visto bueno" of the Regional Agricultural Secretariat of Valle del Cauca and demo participants included important potential partners such as SAG (Sociedad De Agricultores Y Ganaderos Del Valle de Cali), ADAGRO (Asociación de Agricultores del Occidente Colombiano), ASOHASS (Risaralda's Association of Producers of Hass Avocado), and Banco Agrario. The Team also had the chance to meet with important organizations looking to guide post-conflict affected parts of Colombia such as Valle en Paz and FDI (Fundación para el Desarrollo Integral del Pacífico).

Andrew Mack discusses Agromovil and the field visit in AMGlobal's latest podcast.

Click here for some other photos from the field visit.

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