The Agromovil Story

Agromovil was born out of a conversation.  

I was in Nigeria and approached a group of smallholder farmers, sitting by the side of the road, waiting in the hot sun with bags of produce they hoped to bring to market.  They were waiting for transport that might or might not come.  Waiting while the fruits of their labor and the economic future of their families literally evaporated before their eyes.  We talked about the challenges of farming, the money they were losing, about their new cellphones and the future of farming for their children.  It was a conversation that could have happened in almost any country.  

With changes in technology and connectivity, we saw the time was right.  And at that moment, the idea for Agromovil was born. Agromovil was born out of a simple realization – that there is tremendous trapped value in the current inefficient ecosystem.


Value for farmers, who are doing the hard work of raising crops, but losing too much of their income. Value for transporters, who struggle to find the goods to fill their trucks, and make safe transactions. Value for buyers and processors, looking for more reliable sources of fresh food and the opportunity to avoid an endless stream of resellers and intermediaries. And broader value for financial institutions, mobile network operators, and others trying to expand their work in rural areas, as well as value for countries that need to strengthen farm employment and food security
Our simple goal is to unlock that value, getting more and fresher food to market around the world, profitably.  A more productive, more efficient farm-transport-market ecosystem is within our grasp.  

That’s our goal at Agromovil. 

- Andrew Mack   
CEO/Founder of Agromovil



Our Team & Advisors

Constanza Nieto

Lead Advisor

Andrew Mack


Jens Francis


Grace Tellez

Field Operations Manager, Colombia

Andres Esquivel

Data Analytics Manager, Colombia

Maggie McCutcheon

Communications & Grants Intern

Parker Richardson

Communications & Grants Intern

Madison Sawyer

Communications Manager

William Chernicoff

Toyota Mobility Foundation

Rob Floyd

Ex World Bank Chief of Staff

Andres Medaglia

Universidad de los Andes

Eric Osiakwan

Chanzo Capital

Alejandro Salamanca

CEO, Asesoftware

Lavanya Thomas

Ernst & Young

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